Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 13


1. The spirit of the times (9)
6. A song made famous by country singer Tammy Wynette (1,1,1,1,1,1,1)
10. Cousin of Saul who commanded the Israelite army (5)
11. Grape variety used to make Vouvray and Saumur wines (6,5)
12. London football team nicknamed the Gunners (7)
13. A decisive Allied victory in 1942 over German troops under Rommel (2,7)
14. Athenian lawgiver who prescribed death for almost every offence (5)
15. A drug that prevents the stimulation of increased cardiac action (4,7)
18. The intellectual conception of a thing as it is in itself, not as it is known through perception (8)
19. One who holds the view that nothing can be known of the existence of God (8)
22. French physician and astrologer who produced two collections of predictions in rhymed quatrains (11)
24. -- Terry, actress who dominated the American and English theatre from 1878 to 1902 in partnership with Henry Irving (5)
26. The capital of Laos (9)
29. Members of a Jewish sect founded in the 18th century by Israel Baal Shem Tov (7)
30. A formal statement of Christian belief based on that adopted at the first Council of Nicaea in 325 (6,5)
31. A play by Peter Shaffer made into a film starring Richard Burton (5)
32. Jackie --, Scottish racing driver and world champion who also excelled at clay-pigeon shooting (7)
33. An abnormal hardening of body tissue (9)

1. The largest and most populous island of Denmark (7)
2. Will-o'-the-wisp (5,6)
3. An earring or pendant with a large central stone surrounded by small ones (9)
4. A 'non-fiction novel' by Truman Capote about a murder in Kansas (2,4,5)
5. The style of Italian art and literature of the 14th century (8)
6. River that enters the Baltic Sea at Riga (5)
7. A tremulous effect in an instrumental or vocal tone produced by slight and rapid variations in pitch (7)
8. Charles --, author of "The Cloister and the Hearth" (5)
9. Odd or capricious in behaviour or appearance (9)
16. A yellow-flowered European marsh plant, Narthecium ossifragum, of the lily family (3,8)
17. Timpani (11)
18. Unimportant or anticlimactic occurrences (3-6)
20. A tendency, in a motor vehicle, to turn more sharply than was intended (9)
21. Instruments for measuring electric current (8)
23. A domed building with a circular ground plan (7)
25. Goddess of divine retribution (7)
27. Colloquially, a master of ceremonies or compère (5)
28. A cravat with wide square ends (5)