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Polymath Crossword No. 14


1. Coolness or assurance (derived from the French words meaning "according to the plummet") (6)
5. An association of workers to protect and further their rights and interests (5,5)
10. An employee who does all kinds of work (8)
11. A religious hypocrite (after the protagonist in a play by Molière) (8)
12. A fleshy filament hanging from the mouth of a fish (6)
13. Pre-Raphaelite painter whose works include "The Hireling Shepherd" and "Strayed Sheep" (6,4)
14. A fabric woven by hand in the Outer Hebrides (6,5)
15. Indian state almost completely separated by Bangladesh from the rest of India (5)
17. The state capital of Arizona (7)
19. The two main branches of the trachea (7)
22. The head of the municipal corporation of a city or borough (5)
23. State established by the Lateran Treaty of 1929 (7,4)
26. The protective plate around a keyhole or door handle (10)
27. The parallel of latitude 23°26' north or south of the equator (6)
28. A wine made from a single designated variety of grape (8)
29. A Chinese-style dish taking its name from the Cantonese words meaning "mixed bits" (4,4)
30. Megalithic monument in Wiltshire, a World Heritage Site (10)
31. Substitute or imitation (especially of inferior quality) (6)

2. Battle in which the Persian army was defeated by the Greeks in 479 BC (7)
3. The coup d'état in November 1917 that established a Soviet government in Russia (7,10)
4. A naval vessel with the heaviest armour and the largest guns (10)
5. An American Indian axe with a stone or iron head, used as a weapon (8)
6. The main island group of the West Indies, including all but the Bahamas (8)
7. Controversial rap performer whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III (6)
8. Pencil-and-paper game also known as tic-tac-toe (7,3,7)
9. German composer of "La Vie Parisienne" (9)
16. The sternum (10)
18. An advantage granted or gained at an early stage (4,5)
20. Portuguese navigator, leader of the fist expedition to circumnavigate the globe (8)
21. The upright cylindrical stand holding a ship's compass (8)
24. A US type of submarine-launched long-range ballistic missile (7)
25. Whisky distilled in Scotland (6)