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Polymath Crossword No. 15


1. Popular novel by P.C. Wren about the Foreign Legion, first published in 1924 (4,5)
6. A republic in southern Africa that gained independence in 1990 (7)
10. A card game for three players, popular in the 17th and 18th centuries (5)
11. The Roman god of medicine and healing (11)
12. Region in the east of the Czech Republic (7)
13. One affected by nervous disease, or with an abnormally sensitive nervous system (9)
14. Composer of the ballet 'Daphnis et Chloe' (5)
15. American impressionist painter who was a pupil and close follower of Degas (4,7)
18. A method of voice production used by male singers to sing notes higher than their normal range (8)
19. Superficially improving or beneficial (8)
22. Powerful herbicide used by the US armed forces to defoliate jungles in the Vietnam War (5,6)
24. English cricketer of the 1950s, a fast bowler nicknamed 'Typhoon' (5)
26. A female slave or concubine in the Turkish Sultan's seraglio (9)
29. The tympanic membrane (7)
30. Derbyshire home built for the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury (5,6)
31. English historian who wrote "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (5)
32. A soluble gummy substance obtained by boiling starch and used as an adhesive (7)
33. U.S. state lying between the Mississippi River and the Smoky Mountains (9)

1. A large loaf with a rounded diagonally slashed top (7)
2. 1992 Winter Olympic Games venue (11)
3. Middle name of the author P. G. Wodehouse (9)
4. A Latin hymn on the suffering of the Virgin Mary at the Crucifixion (6,5)
5. Danish port whose castle was the setting for Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' (8)
6. Island republic in the Pacific with the world's richest deposits of phosphates (5)
7. Fields in which grass is grown for hay (7)
8. Deep-water seaport on the coast of Mozambique (5)
9. A system of principles for the appreciation of the beautiful (9)
16. A period in which the hunting of game is illegal (5,6)
17. Cloud formed as a continuous uniform layer at medium altitude (11)
18. French painter who painted 'The Progress of Love' for Madame du Barry (9)
20. A procession of cars or other vehicles (9)
21. Money paid for the use of money lent (8)
23. A volatile liquid used to dilute paint etc. (7)
25. A person in whose name a stock is registered (7)
27. A kind of plaster applied to give a textured finish to walls and ceilings (5)
28. An external angle of a building (5)