Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 19


1. Author of detective stories featuring Superintendent Dalziel and Inspector Pascoe (8,4)
7. Name given to the River Thames at Oxford and upstream (4)
11. An allowance or payment on a daily basis (3,4)
12. A port on the Cumberland River in Tennessee, site of the entertainment complex Opryland USA (9)
13. The right of self-government (8)
14. Spanish composer born in 1806, a child prodigy who died at the age of 20 (7)
16. A Spanish sausage of which the chief ingredient is pork (7)
17. Spend the summer in a state of torpor (9)
18. A common wild flower also known as fireweed (7,10)
22. A complex situation or muddle (5,4)
25. Any tropical lizard of the genus Varanus, supposed to give warning of the approach of crocodiles (7)
27. Country situated between Angola and the Cape Province of South Africa (7)
28. A smooth greasy healing or cosmetic preparation for the skin (8)
30. An ornamental shoulder-piece on a uniform (9)
31. An elderly person with outmoded ideas (3,4)
32. A granite paving block (4)
33. Submission without protest (12)

1. A number of pearls strung together (4)
2. Talkative, especially on trivial matters (9)
3. The capital of Kenya (7)
4. The study of the physical phenomena of lakes and other fresh waters (9)
5. American essayist and poet known as 'the hermit of Walden' (5,5,7)
6. Sailors from India or south-east Asia (7)
8. A seedless raisin used in puddings, cakes, etc (7)
9. Swedish tennis player, Wimbledon winner in 1988 and 1990 (6,6)
10. A conspectus or general survey (8)
15. People who spread frightening reports or rumours (12)
19. Team game believed to have been invented in 1839 by West Point cadet Abner Doubleday (8)
20. A flatfish, Microstomus kitt, of the plaice family (5,4)
21. Popular musician who began his career as pianist with the group Bluesology (5,4)
23. A defensive wall with a broad top and usually a stone parapet (7)
24. Able to be stretched without permanent alteration of size or shape (7)
26. Leading a roaming or wandering life (7)
29. Shipping forecast area to the west of Dogger (4)