Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 20


1. The innermost part of an ancient temple (6)
5. Best-selling novel by Tom Wolfe, published in 1998 (1,3,2,4)
10. An IT system of communication for local area networks by coaxial cable (8)
11. A consonant pronounced with an exhalation of breath (8)
12. Tense and restless or irritable (2,4)
13. An opera left unfinished by Borodin and completed by Rimsky- Korsakov and Glazunov (6,4)
14. Largely self-taught English mathematician whose "Laws of Thought" was a pioneering work in modern symbolic logic (6,5)
15. In the USA, a student's special subject or course (5)
17. Principal male character in the opera La Traviata, in love with Violetta (7)
19. The hottest period of the year (reckoned in antiquity from the heliacal rising of the star Sirius) (3,4)
22. Second largest of the Great Lakes (5)
23. Sponge cake and ice-cream in a rapidly cooked meringue covering (5,6)
26. Seeming ancient and quaint (often spuriously) (4,6)
27. Standing in a relaxed attitude while on parade, with the feet apart (2,4)
28. A city, a province and a region of eastern Spain (8)
29. The traditional beliefs and stories of a people (8)
30. Military government, involving the suspension of normal legislation (7,3)
31. The series of examinations at the end of a degree course (6)

2. An easing of strained relations between states (7)
3. American president to whom is attributed the phrase "Speak softly but carry a big stick" (8,9)
4. Composer born in Cremona in 1567, maestro di capella at St. Marks in Venice from 1613 to his death in 1643 (10)
5. A hymn or psalm, the parts of which are sung or recited alternately by two groups (8)
6. Texan city originally named Ragtown, the present name being the Spanish word for 'yellow' (8)
7. The action of one body coming forcibly into contact with another (6)
8. Explorer who discovered the Philippines in 1521 (9,8)
9. The science of the general physical characteristics of rocks (9)
16. A novel in which real persons or events appear with invented names (5-1-4)
18. The capital of Slovenia (9)
20. Thoroughfare in the West End of London named after a game once played there (4,4)
21. An aromatic bushy plant, Tanacetum parthenium, used to treat migraine (8)
24. A small falcon which hovers while searching for its prey (7)
25. In anatomy and zoology, a part or structure resembling a shell (6)