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Brain Teasers #11 - #20

10 entertaining brain teasers to tickle your wits

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  • Brain Teaser #11

    Here are the names of four flowers with the vowels removed.
    What are the four flowers?

  • Brain Teaser #12

    What number gives the same result
    when it is added to 1.5
    as when it is multiplied by 1.5?

  • Brain Teaser #13

    What do the words below have in common?

    ADAM     CLAIM     GALL     BUOY     FOND     RAMP
  • Brain Teaser #14

    Take the letters ERGRO.

    Put three letters in front and the same three letters behind to form a common English word.
  • Brain Teaser #15

    Which of these numbers is the odd-one-out?

    43    26    50    37    17    82
  • Brain Teaser #16

    Rearrange the letters of the following phrase
    to give the name of a U.S. state:

  • Brain Teaser #17

    Which of the following words is the odd-one-out?

    IBIS     IBEX     ORYX     SIKA     ZEBU
  • Brain Teaser #18

    The following number has a rather special characteristic.
    What makes it unique?

  • Brain Teaser #19

    Here is a quotation with all the spaces and vowels removed.
    What is the quotation?

  • Brain Teaser #20

    What do the following numbers have in common?

    3     7     10     11     12     17

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