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  • Alberich Crosswords

    The website of Neil Shepherd (Alberich of the Financial Times). Many crosswords by Alberich and guest setters, as well as as a number of interesting articles on various crossword-related topics.

  • Apex Crosswords

    Apex is the pseudonym of Eric Chalkley MBE, a retired carpenter who admired the crosswords of Ximenes and decided to ape X. This site is a tribute to his masterly crosswords; clues that are fair and correct to Ximenean standards and puzzles that are always original and witty.

  • Araucaria Crosswords

    The website of John Graham (Araucaria of the Guardian).

  • Australian Crosswords

    On this site maintained by David Stickley you can find one of his entertaining puzzles - an Alphanumeric Jigsaw - plus details of the Australian Crossword Club, and a guide to software and reference books for setters and solvers.

  • Chris Paradine's Crosswords

    Some unusual crosswords (with acknowledgement to Araucaria for many of the ideas).

  • Cryptic Crosswords by Qaos

    Qaos has had puzzles published by The Guardian, 1 Across, Calendar Puzzles, The Church Times, Magpie and The Crossword Centre. Most of his puzzles have a theme or twist of some description.

  • Cryptica

    The website of John Halpern who composes cryptic crosswords for the Guardian (as Paul), the Independent (as Punk), the Financial Times (as Mudd) and for The Times.

  • Cryptics by Boatman

    Boatman has been setting cryptic puzzles since 2001 - for The Guardian since 2008. His work features regularly in 1 Across, the monthly magazine founded by Araucaria. His website has several sample puzzles.

  • Daily Mirror Cryptic Crossword

    A simple cryptic crossword, suitable for beginners.

  • Hoskins Crosswords

    The very attractive site of David McLean, who, as Hoskins, sets crosswords in The Independent, the Sunday Times, and elsewhere. As well as an archive of Hoskins puzzles, there is a solving guide and other features.

  • Monk-ey Puzzles

    Web pages of Professor M A Kelmanson who, under the pseudonym of Monk, constructs cryptic crosswords for several national newspapers. The site has several of his Independent and Financial Times crosswords, in online and printable formats.

  • Peter's Cryptic Crossword Corner

    Peter Biddlecombe, Sunday Times crossword editor, cryptic crossword enthusiast and veteran of the Times Crossword Championship, provides a page of information and a few puzzles to try.

  • Poins' Cryptic Crosswords

    Poins' Crosswords. Free cryptic and straight crosswords. A collection of free weekly cryptic puzzles for you to print off and enjoy at your leisure and a collection of quick interactive daily crosswords.

  • Private Eye Crossword

    The Private Eye crossword (with typically louche clues) is available in printable or Across Lite format.

  • Telegraph Puzzles

    The Telegraph's puzzle website has more than 5,000 mind-bending puzzles to challenge your mind. Subscription service.

  • The Chambers Online Cryptic Crossword

    A challenging monthly cryptic - occasionally with a prize.

  • The Crossword Club

    Since its formation in 1978 The Crossword Club has been providing members with some of the best - and most challenging - cryptic crosswords anywhere, composed by some of the world's most accomplished setters.

  • The Guardian Crossword

    The daily Guardian crossword, regarded as one of the best newspaper crosswords in the U.K. is available free, in Java or printable format for solving online or offline. There is an archive of crossword puzzles published since 31 May 1999. The site also provides Quick and Quiptic Crosswords

  • The Listener Crossword

    The principal aim of this web site is to provide access to archive materials. Those who are relatively new to the Listener Crossword may find the material in the introduction helpful. The web site also aims to complement that of The Times Crossword Club, at which current and recent puzzles can be accessed.

  • The Spectator Crossword

    A weekly cryptic crossword from The Spectator.

  • The Times Crossword Club

    Become a member of the crossword club for access to printable and interactive puzzles from the Times and Sunday Times newspapers. Subscription service.

  • Tim Moorey: Crosswords Demystified

    Solve those cryptic clues you thought you would never crack and learn the tricks of the crossword setter's trade under the expert guidance of Tim Moorey, author of "How to Master The Times Crossword".

  • YAGCC: Yet Another Guide to Cryptic Crosswords

    Includes an introduction (with glossary), a list of clue types, some solving tips, thoughts about bad cryptic puzzles, lists of paper and web-based puzzle resources, and some help on British cryptic puzzles for those who struggle with some of the local language used.

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