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  • Anax Crosswords

    A lively blog by Dean Mayer, a setter for the Times, the Independent (as Anax), the Financial Times (as Loroso) and the Daily Telegraph (as Elkamere).

  • Big Dave's Crossword Blog

    A team of contributors provide help with solving crosswords in the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph and explain the wordplay in simple, easy to understand, terms.

  • Crossword Unclued

    Crossword Unclued is a blog for cryptic crossword enthusiasts. It has solving tips, explanations of clue types and wordplay styles, analysis of interesting clues and other crossword trivia.

  • Dave Tilley's Site

    Musings, Puzzles, Quizzes and other things.

  • Fifteensquared

    A blog providing daily commentary and analysis of the cryptic crosswords in the Independent, Guardian, Observer, Financial Times and Private Eye. It is maintained by a team of solvers, all addicted in various degrees to the black art of the cryptic crossword.

  • George versus the Listener Crossword

    A chronicle of one man's struggle with the Listener crossword.

  • Listen With Others

    Blogs by setters and solvers of the Listener Crossword.

  • Paul's Weekly Cryptic Blog | cryptic crosswords, wordplay,

    A weekly blog about cryptic crosswords and word play, by John Halpern (aka Paul, of The Guardian).

  • Times for the Times

    Times and comments on the Times crossword from a team of solvers.

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