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  • Cricket Trivia Quiz

    For those who know little of cricket, this quiz will introduce you to some of its mysteries. If you are already steeped in the game, you may find the questions here a little easy.

  • Farzad's F1 Trivia

    Three sets of 10 trivia questions, graded for Beginners, Novices and Experts.

  • Liam Maguire's NHL Hockey Trivia

    A fine hockey trivia site with a monthly contest by the author of the book "Liam Maguire's Hockey Trivia".

  • Sports Trivia

    The trivia experts at Interactive Internet Sports come up with challenging and entertaining questions each week. The questions are separated into three sections: football, baseball, and general (covers every sport, from soccer to swimming). Questions are updated each Monday morning and all past questions can be found in the Trivia Archives.

  • Winter Olympics Quiz

    Trivia Park presents a hair-raising toboggan-ride down the precipitous, icy slopes of Winter Olympic history and lore.

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