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1 Across


Founded by John Graham (Araucaria) in 1984, 1 Across is a monthly magazine for cryptic crossword enthusiasts, a rare source of interesting and ingenious speciality and thematic puzzles by professional and amateur compilers. Many may be known to you from their published work; others are up and coming in the world of crossword setting. What all of the puzzles share, though, is a high quality and an entertaining take on the norm. It offers five puzzles every month; four are brand-new, and one is an Araucaria from the extensive 1 Across archives.

Puzzles may be 'normal' blocked grids, barred, blank, circular, Scrabble boards... often, anything goes! Many puzzles have Ninas; most have more overt themes. One puzzle every month is a Prize Puzzle, with a prize of a book voucher generously donated by Oxford University Press.

Formerly edited by Araucaria, Mike Rich, John Henderson (Enigmatist) and Tom Johnson (Doc/Didymus/Gozo/Maskarade/), 1 Across is now edited by Hamish Symington (Soup).

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