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"Printer's Very Devilry" by Araucaria

Clues are of the "Printer's Devil" type: the solution has been removed from a sentence whose meaning is irrelevant, and the remaining letters joined up, punctuation etc. often being altered.

E.g. clue to HESPER - "Company! Steady, men! Shun! Stand at ease (6)," the full sentence being "Company steady men shun; she's pert and a tease".

If you think this type of crossword diabolical, you could be right.

Crossword by Araucaria
1Water silages can be very attractive (5)
5Gladstone studied A, then in North Wales (5)
9We Lapps keep moving; week is to go shopping (7)
10Aspect able enough to be seen with you (4)
11I can, the lady: decline in my powers (5)
12The forgers can dog, eland, silver coins (3,4)
17In 'is alms a rent, used as much: a sin, Judaism (5)
18Nasty little Dog, very, one they get hold of (5)
22Athlete's foot - toll it (7)
23You can pay the mini or set hem (5)
26Moon boys are posh but some are just rich (4)
27If I'm glückliches, neues Jew year greeting (7)
28He died, his talents to the audience (5)
29I didn't think - she'd be sow - do wed (5)
1Ploughmen drove freaks and jockeys' rosters (5)
2Being landed together, the other tribe's Ma Kelly (4,3)
3Migrating butterflies cost ancestor Iva - Lt. Hose of "Birds" (5)
4Well call him Jeanne's tart: Hur won't do (7)
5Old car's work was done (Southey) (3)
6It's cheering to pile post on one sway (5)
7The union's strength is infernal solidarity (3)
8I asked Reg an aid he didn't know (5)
13The spoilt child, is it? (4)
14I left the dog near a pub, lid to a lamp-post (7)
15The hunter has a pair o' fellers on his wall (4)
16Dinosaurs' bones lie under, dear, the pole (7)
18Christ, Ma! Sit, I've time (5)
19Being a keen horseman, I rot (5)
20I saw Madonna in East Night (5)
21Bounce right club: must be tough and tactful (5)
24I'll make hay for what he did (3)
25The farmers grow in goat, sane (3)