Best for Puzzles

"Printer's Very Devilry" by Araucaria

Crossword solution

Water siDE VILlages can be very attractive (5)
Gladstone studied at HAWARDen in North Wales (5)
We Lapps keep moving; we eVEN USE Skis to go shopping (7)
10 AM I REspectable enough to be seen with you (4)
11 I cant helP A STEady decline in my powers (5)
12 The forgers can do gOLD, NICKel and silver coins (3,4)
17 In IsLAM PSalms aren't used as much as in Judaism (5)
18 Nasty little DogS NIP Everyone they get hold of (5)
22 Athlete's foot - toE ROT I CAll it (7)
23 You can pay them in iF I ENDorse them (5)
26 MoST ETon boys are posh but some are just rich (4)
27 If I'm glückliches neues JAHR I'M A New year greeting (7)
28 He diSPLAYed his talents to the audience (5)
29 I didn't think - she'd be so wELL ENdowed (5)


Ploughmen drove freaks and jockeys roDE MONsters (5)
Being landed together, the other tribes make LEVI LONEly (4,3)
Migrating butterflies coVER DIstances to rival those of birds (5)
Well, call him Jean-LUC IF ERnest Arthur won't do (7)
Old cASPar's work was done (Southey) (3)
It's cheering to pASS A Mile post on one's way (5)
The union's strength is in fRATernal solidarity (3)
I asked Reg anD REG Said he didn't know (5)
13 The spoilt child is iN A PEt (4)
14 I left the dog near a publiC LOO TIEd to a lamp-post (7)
15 The hunter has a pair of elK ANTlers on his wall (4)
16 Dinosaurs' bones lie under deEP ICE NEar the pole (7)
18 Christmas iS A FEStive time (5)
19 Being a keen horseman, I rIDE A Lot (5)
20 I saw Madonna in EVITA Last night (5)
21 BouncerS AT A Night club must be tough and tactful (5)
24 I'll make hIM Pay for what he did (3)
25 The farmers growing oats anD RYe (3)