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"Change Partners" by Araucaria

LORENZO and JESSICA, BENEDICK and BEATRICE, and PETRUCHIO and KATHARINA are clearly well matched in a way that (amongst almost all the others) ANTONY and CLEOPATRA, and DEMETRIUS and HELENA, are not: this could be corrected by a swap - ANTONY and HELENA, DEMETRIUS and CLEOPATRA. Each of ten across clues is a partial clue to two such new partners run together: one of the two (you have to guess which) is to be inserted in the diagram.

Crossword by Araucaria
1Party stepped back like a crab (7)
5Two words for Eldorado named in stage show (7)
9I've nothing novel in George Eliot's (5)
10Travel volunteers keep queen on row with beast (9)
11A lord is ill, frozen drunk (8)
12Branch having trouble with the home of the golden squirrel (6)
14/25Sloth, etc., brought farewell to paradise (8)
16An endless party among the intoxicated - took to moving house (10)
19Criterion for Austen and Pakistani resort to be slotted together (10)
20See 5 Down
22Be proud about wicked word or deed with love (6)
23Grocer's half swallowed a new ration of salt (8)
26Invite different races to draw (9)
27Not genuine sticky stuff? (5)
28Noise in well comin back like hooter (7)
29American space station;s conjunction in the water (7)
1Chap with 3 quarry maybe going off (9)
2A word for a pet? (5)
3Gates to follow launching of Pentium soon (6)
4Make both ends fast - we're in dock (10)
5/20Pedigree (cat) sounded happy to be turning in (4-4)
6Push into action in two ways (8)
7Inner man, a homophone and an anagram, so? (2,1,6)
825 after E and I, say? (5)
13Endangered habitat of minmum frequency without data (4-6)
15Revolutionary tier? (9)
17Stranger in orders disbursing gold to old fools (9)
18With bare hooves - else, hoss is in trouble (8)
21Spotted the last of the dried fruit (6)
22A fifth month's encompassing of an island (5)
24The baby is a girl (5)
25See 14 Across