How To Play Sudoku Online

Entering Digits

To enter a digit, simply click on the square in which you want to begin typing.

'Save' Button

Clicking on this button will save the current state of the puzzle (for up to 5 days). When you return to the puzzle at a later time, the saved version will be restored, and you can carry on where you left off.
Note 1. On some browsers, you may have to click the Refresh or Reload button on your browser's tool bar in order to restore your saved version.
Note 2. For the save feature to work, you must have cookies enabled in your browser.

'Clear' Button

Clicking on this button will clear all the answers you have entered in this session, restoring the puzzle to the last saved version, if one exists, or else to the initial version.

'Reveal Digit' Button

Clicking on this button will insert the correct digit for the currently selected square.

'Solution' Button

Clicking on this button will display the complete solution.

Printable Puzzle

If you prefer to solve the puzzle with pencil and paper, click on the Printable Puzzle link, and print out that page from your browser.


The optional timer may be used to monitor the time it takes you to solve the puzzle. If required, the timer may be dragged to a different position on the screen.

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