Complex clues

The clues that we have considered so far in this tutorial can all be considered simple clues. By that I don't necessarily mean that they are easy to solve, but that each clue employs one of the cryptic devices that we have considered.

A complex clue, on the other hand, will use two or more cryptic devices. For example, it may involve both a reversal and an anagram. Have a go at these examples:

One of the family finding sweetheart in Riviera resort (5)

Pudding with a drop of rum in elaborate feast (6)

Politician taking a long time in bill amendment (7)

Dancing bear must have backing from City (8)

King or jack? Same difference! (5)

King about to be surrounded by river people in the Middle East (8)

Having prepared beans on a slice of toast, see about those not there (9)

Washing and ironing's first introduced to airport after airline withdraws (8)

Religious knight losing his head and going after former model (8)

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