Cryptic Definitions

Female supporter (3)

Event for which one is late (7)

Jammed cylinder (5,4)

Refusal to give credit (9)

A drop in the ocean (10)

A brave leader (8)

His downfall was shattering (6,6)

Breathtaking passage beneath a bridge (7)

The growth of the fairytale (9)

A letter for Socrates (5)

Not infrequently a crossword setter will stretch or twist the meanings of words. Thus, in a cryptic clue the word FLOWER may indicate a river (something that flows) or DELIGHTED may indicate something dark (de-lighted). The following clues exemplify this devious sort of wordplay:

Parisian flower (5)

A sticky sweet (8)

A wicked thing (6)

Distressed Biblical character (6)

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