Wordplay is a 2006 documentary film, directed by Patrick Creadon, about the crossword phenomenon. It features Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle, crossword constructor Merl Reagle, and many other noted crossword solvers and constructors. The second half of the movie is set at the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT).

The movie focuses on the following crossword solvers:

Ellen Ripstein, editor living in New York City and 2001 ACPT champion.

Trip Payne, professional puzzlemaker living in South Florida and three-time ACPT Champion. He held the record as the youngest champion after winning the tournament in 1993 at the age of 24.

Tyler Hinman, student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. At the 2005 ACPT, he challenged Trip Payne for the title of youngest champion ever.

Jon Delfin, pianist living in New York City and seven-time ACPT champion.

Al Sanders, project manager at Hewlett-Packard in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a frequent finalist at the ACPT.


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