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Advanced Cryptic Crosswords

For solvers who want more of a challenge than is provided by the standard daily newspaper cryptic, there are a number of options available.


The Azed crossword, which has been set by Jonathan Crowther since 1972, is published weekly in The Observer.

It is available - free - online, in interactive and printable formats on the Guardian Crosswords website. There is also an extensive archive of crosswords as far back as 2005.

There is a solvers' blog for Azed crosswords at Fifteensquared.


Beelzebub crosswords are published in The Independent on Sunday.

There is a solvers' blog for Beelzebub crosswords at Fifteensquared.

Enigmatic Variations

Enigmatic Variations is the name of a series of advanced cryptic crosswords published in The Sunday Telegraph.

They are available online, (together with other Telegraph crosswords) at Telegraph Puzzles, the Telegraph's puzzle website.

There is a solvers' blog for Enigmatic Variations at Fifteensquared.


The Inquisitor crossword (formerly known as the Weekend crossword) is published in The Independent Magazine in the Saturday edition of The Independent.

The crossword Editor of the Inquisitor is John Henderson.

There is a solvers' blog for Inquisitor crosswords at Fifteensquared.

The Listener

For information on The Listener crosswords, click here


The Mephisto crossword is published in The Sunday Times.

It is also available online, in printable format, to members of the Times Crossword Club.

There is currently a team of three setters for the Mephisto crosswords: Don Manley (who replaced Mike Laws in 2011), Tim Moorey and Paul McKenna.

There is a solvers' blog for Mephisto crosswords at Times for the Times.

Subscription Crosswords

In addition to the crosswords in the national press, subscribers may obtain advanced cryptic crosswords from 1 Across, The Crossword Club and The Magpie

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