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The Daily Telegraph Crosswords

The Daily Telegraph has a daily cryptic crossword (Monday to Saturday), with the Saturday puzzles being prize crosswords.

From Tuesday to Friday there is an additional cryptic crossword - the Toughie - which, as its name implies, is intended to be rather more demanding than the standard daily fare.

Daily Telegraph crosswords are available online via Telegraph Puzzles. This is a subscription service, but a 7-day free trial is available.

The Daily Telegraph crossword editor is Phil McNeill


Big Dave's Crossword Blog provides help with crosswords in The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph and explains the wordplay in simple, easy to understand, terms.


Current Daily Telegraph Crossword Setters

The daily cryptic puzzle is anonymous but the current team of setters includes:

Peter Chamberlain

Don Manley

Philip Marlow

Jeremy Mutch

Roger Squires

Ray Terrell

Current Daily Telegraph Toughie Crossword Setters

The setters of the Toughie crossword are identified by pseudonyms. The current team of setters includes:

Beam (Ray Terrell)

Busman (Tom Johnson)

Campbell (Allan Scott)

Cephas (Peter Chamberlain)

Citrus (James Leonard)

Dada (John Halpern)

Elgar (John Henderson)

Elkamere (Dean Mayer)

Excalibur (Nuala Considine)

Firefly (Geoff Oxley)

Giovanni (Don Manley)

Jed (Brian Greer)

Kcit (Paul Henderson)

Messinae (Richard Palmer)

Micawber (Mick Hodgkin)

MynoT (Tony Martin)

Myops (John McKie)

Notabilis (Roger Phillips)

Osmosis (Mike Warburton)

Shamus (Philip Marlow)

Warbler (Sylvia Jordan)

The Sunday Telegraph cryptic crossword is set by Brian Greer.

The Daily Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword on Saturdays (a very popular prize puzzle) and the Herculis general knowledge prize crossword on Mondays are set by Kate Mepham.

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