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Solving Cryptic Crossword Clues

Containers & Contents

We have previous looked at Charade clues in which a word or phrase may be broken up into separate parts, one after the other. In a Container & Contents clue, a word is also broken up into separate parts - but this time one part is inside the other. Here are some examples of such words:

KNOWING consists of NOW inside KING

MASONRYconsists of SON inside MARY

TRAGEDY consists of AGED inside TRY

In the basic type of Container & Contents clue, the cryptic part of the clue will indicate either that one word includes or goes round another (Container) or that one word goes into is included by another (Contents).

Cryptic indicators of the first type include words and phrases such as: holding or surrounding or swallowing or taking in.

Cryptic indicators of the second type include words such as: within or filling or entering or tucked into.

For reference, we have provided a more comprehensive list of Container & Contents indicators.

Here are some sample Container & Contents clues:

Bird allowed outside tavern (6)

Object when put into torn clothing (7)

Outlaws in gangs carrying equipment (8)

Relative entering Highland dance and showing off (9)

Stuck with tot holding present (7)

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